Honda ST1100A ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

The original sensors fitted to the ST1100A were of the old 3 wire variety, these are now out of date and no longer manufactured. Some come up for sale occasionally but these are old stock.

All new sensors fitted to Honda (and all other jap bikes) have only 2 wires and will not work with the ST1100A. The same sensor is used on the front and back, all the years use the same sensor so our version suits ALL bikes.

We have developed a small circuit to enable the ST1100A to work with the modern 2 wire sensors. We pot this is resin for weather protection but to keep the cost down we ask the users to reuse their original connector and small length of cable.

The instructions we supply are quite simple and are available here.

We offer telephone support but because of the success of the sensor, users rarely need to call.

ST1100 ABS Sensor £89.99 + £9 Post for UK Royal Mail Next Day delivery.

£89.99 + £25 For FedEx World Delivery


ST1100A Abs wheel speed sensor


abs head sensor cable